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Kubernetes with our Cloud Engineers

Imagine you are in the supermarket: you go through the shelves, put the products in the shopping cart and then stand in line at the only open checkout and wait. In real life, that’s perfectly fine. Unthinkable for an online store! If 20 people were to access the online store at the same time and there were disruptions as a result, that would be quite annoying. In real life, you…

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Lights out, spotlight on, stage free – CAMAO TEC at the COPETRI Convention

Do you know the exciting feeling just before a performance or presentation? The adrenaline shoots through the body, the pulse rises immeasurably and you feel like on a roller coaster – close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and let’s go! This is how CAMAO TEC felt at the COPETRI Convention in Frankfurt/Offenbach. For us, it was not just any trade show appearance: It was the first…

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CAMAO TEC x OMR – new learnings or old hat?

70,000 visitors, on stage speakers like Quentin Tarantino, Will I.AM. or Karo Kauer and live acts like Marteria, Kraftclub and Sido – and CAMAO TEC right in the middle. These were our OMR Days in a Nutshell. But let’s dive into it. For a few of our colleagues from the Agency Division and the Brand & Communication Unit, it was from the 17. – May 18 to Hamburg at THE…

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