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All-in-one IT solution with us as your Managed Service Provider

08.07.2022 / Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

Does this sound familiar to you? You have outsourced your IT to various IT service providers because you lack the capacities and expertise in this area. However, you now face the major problem of employing too many service providers – keeping track of them all and coordinating them has become a mammoth task. So what to do? This is precisely the problem we have addressed and developed a solution for you: our Managed Services.

Too many service providers spoil the broth – ehh IT!

If the area of IT in a company is outsourced, this usually means that tasks such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), EDP (electronic data processing) or telephony are distributed to different service providers . In addition, there are topics such as:

  • Hardware
  • Onboarding of new employees / setting up their devices
  • Maintenance of the equipment, training for employees
  • Digitization

For example, one service provider manages the cloud, another the telephone system, and a third the local IT. This is not unusual, but in the long run it leads to a problem: There are too many contacts – and the larger the company, the more confusing and difficult it becomes to coordinate the individual service providers.

You know this? Then you probably also have to deal with these problems:

  • Long response times between the parties
  • Problem search is made more difficult, as accesses are sometimes located here and sometimes there
  • Customers often don’t know who to contact about what problem
  • When problems arise, blame is shifted back and forth instead of looking for the solution

One contact for your IT

This was the situation some of our customers found themselves in, exhausted by the service provider mess. We wanted to do something about this, because we were also one of these service providers.
That’s why we put our heads together and developed a model for our customers.

We proudly present: CAMAO TEC’s Managed Services

Our goal: to be the contact for all IT services, whether hardware or software, security, cloud hosting, penetration tests or data analytics, and to do so at clear and calculable costs. The advantages at a glance:

  • One contact for all IT topics
  • Scalable cost model: With fixed costs per user, you always have an overview of the costs and can therefore also plan for the future
  • No surprise IT costs: Since we have everything covered by the cost model, there will be no nasty surprises here in terms of suddenly arising costs
  • Fail-safe environment in the cloud through redundant connections and system

Are you also tired of dealing with several IT service providers? We are pleased to introduce you to our managed service provider.