Compliance or adherence to rules is more complex today than ever before. In the global environment, legal challenges are constantly growing. That is why we are constantly adapting our processes and systems to the legal framework. To emphasize the importance of compliance with the law, we have established it as a corporate principle: “We comply with applicable law and internal policies.” Compliance is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture. We operate a compliance management system that enables you as a customer, business partner or company employee to act according to uniform and binding structures.

In order to comply with our corporate principle, it is important to identify potential misconduct at an early stage. We achieve this by, among other things, reporting possible compliance violations to us.

A compliance violation occurs if applicable law or internal guidelines are violated by or towards our employees in Germany or abroad in the course of their official duties. Such offenses include, for example, corruption offenses, competition and antitrust offenses, data protection offenses, and offenses in accounting, finance and taxation. To detect and prevent compliance violations, we rely on our employees as well as our customers and business partners. If you notice signs of a compliance violation, you can report them through a variety of channels. Whichever way you choose, we assure you that every report will be treated in strict confidence – anonymously if you wish.

Compliance Team
If you would like to report indications of compliance violations or have any questions about compliance, please contact our compliance team.

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