From software career changer to professional software developer

09.02.2023 / Lesezeit: 3 Minuten

What started by chance is now one of the most beautiful stories CAMAO TEC has to tell. The story of Tilo, who has been actively shaping the journey of developers for over 10 years and has even invented his own training format. But let’s start at the beginning …

How did you come to CAMAO TEC?

At my previous employer, I came into contact with CAMAO TEC indirectly and shortly afterwards the business card came to me. At that time I did not know the company and I looked at the website. A few months later, when my employer at the time was slowly sliding towards insolvency, I remembered this business card and so one thing led to another. Was the business card a coincidence or a coincidence?

What were your highlights of the past 10 years?

Professionally, the change from software career changer to professional software developer was very exciting. At CAMAO TEC, I got to know agile working according to Scrum, among other things. I also acquired an agile mindset here, so everything suddenly made a lot more sense to me.

A highlight for me was definitely the 20-kilometer commute to work, which I did by bike virtually from day one. For me, this was the perfect solution for balancing family, career and athletic training. In my “wild” early years, neither ice nor storm nor rain stopped me from biking to work. But even though I’ve been swapping the bike for the car lately in dirty weather, I’m happy about every day I can ride my bike to Heilbronn.

You are Head of Portals, IoT, XR & Apps and launched Jungle Academy. What does your day-to-day job look like?

In the meantime, I have almost given up coding myself and, as a department manager, I take care of the people and projects in my team. I find the task of actively shaping the “post-pandemic new work experience” a beautiful and exciting one. Questions such as how to make our corporate value of “home” a tangible experience for everyone in hybrid work models occupy my mind.

A piece of home for all software engineers at CAMAO TEC is now the Jungle Academyhas become. This digital education format brings all our developers together every Friday between 10 and 11 am to learn new things or do code katas together. In the meantime, the Jungle Academy is organizing a small team and we already have the first of our lectures onYouTube published. This March, Jungle Academy will be three years old, but we never tire of trying new things and making it better and more professional.

What trends do you expect to see in the future for portals, IoT, XR & apps?

The number of smart devices connected to the Internet will continue to rise sharply. The Industrial Internet of Things as part of Industry 4.0 will further drive the digital transformation. As a result, the flexibility of software solutions that communicate with smart devices via a wide variety of protocols is becoming increasingly important. In addition, apps on mobile devices will probably continue to gain in importance.

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