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02.11.2022 / Lesezeit: 5 Minuten

The motto “customer is king” is currently experiencing a revival under the concept of “customer centricity“. Here, the customer is the focus of the digital marketing strategy instead of the product. This means that digital marketing measures are geared to the needs, expectationsand wishes of customers. For companies, this represents a great opportunity, because if you understand the customer journey of your clientele, you know what they want and can adapt your communication, offers and content accordingly. Companies that offer a real experience here, for example through creative campaigns, exciting storytelling or interactive content, convert customers into loyal fans. Important here: authenticity. The best way to achieve this is with a partner who responds individually to the company and thus inspires with customized solutions and extraordinary ideas. Our Digital Agency Services are exactly this partner for you and go this way together with you. From brainstorming to conception and implementation.

“Whether it’s motion designs, social media campaigns, corporate designs or digital creative campaigns, they all need an idea. An idea that is strange in the best sense. And that is precisely our core competence: delivering the right idea,” says Holger Paasch. He commutes between Germany and Austria, lives for ideas, stands for integrated campaigns and cosmopolitanism and forms one half of the unit lead duo within CAMAO TEC’s Digital Agency Services. The other half, Benjamin Trogisch, is exactly the perfect counterpart. Benjamin comes from Berlin, is unconventional, likes to question things and always thinks out-of-the-box. What do both have in common? The passion for the creative and unusual. That, and the fact that their different styles complement each other fabulously, makes them perfect for the joint management of our creation unit in Heilbronn and Berlin. Your task: Expand the creative area – towards a creative agency with a larger team for even more power.

“This is exactly our core competence:
Delivering the Right Idea.”

Holger Paasch, Unit Lead Creative Services

Creative excellence in focus

“For us, that means creating and formulating a vision that the creation team can refer to and align themselves with,” Holger tells us. And that’s what the double did. For them, it’s all about achieving creative excellence: “We work with excellent people who design excellent creative or communication measures. Whether that’s in terms of content, concept or visuals, it doesn’t matter,” says Benjamin. But what does excellent mean in this context? What may sound pompous at first glance means our creatives think outside the box: “We want to solve tasks in an original way that stays in people’s minds, is fun and offers them added value,” explains Holger. “We understand that people are slowed down by, for example, limited budgets, capacity or working hours. But if the will is there, then the sky’s the limit,” Benjamin adds.

“If the will is there,
then the sky’s the limit.”

Benjamin Trogisch, Unit Lead Creative Services

Creative Hub Berlin & Creative Services Heilbronn

Achieving excellence, a larger team and the transformation to a creative agency – this sets the bar pretty high. In order to be able to achieve this and thus attract creative talent from all over Germany, the Creative Hub was founded in one of the centers of the creative industry, namely Berlin. Benjamin is responsible for the management as well as the expansion of the additional location: “In Berlin, the potential for finding creative minds is simply much greater. This allows us to complement the existing team and promote exchange among ourselves.” Holger adds: “Heilbronn and Berlin work together on all projects hand in hand, head to head and in mixed teams. These days, it doesn’t matter who sits where anyway. You hardly notice it. It’s important that everyone learns from each other’s skills and makes ideas and implementations even stronger together.” Even though the team is expected to grow in the future, close collaboration with each team member is important to both of them: “There is hands-on sparring, help and coaching directly on the job to immediately incorporate lessons learned into our communications product. We also have different formats where we meet in different team constellations and settings, for example to share inspiring work or to solicit help on projects,” Benjamin reveals. “We want to be responsive to our employees, show them we’re behind them and affirm them in what they’re doing.”

The future lies in cross-divisional collaboration

For the future, the two see an even stronger integration of the CAMAO TEC pillars Agency Services, Technology Services and Consulting Services. The creative duo sees great potential in this, which can be used to offer customers a real experience: “We try to incorporate our core competencies in such a way that we can combine them with the other areas of CAMAO TEC, such as in creative ideas that use technology in surprising ways. I think that’s also a global need. We have great technologies at our disposal. What is sometimes missing is the creative use case, i.e. the outstanding idea that makes sense of the technology and generates added value with it,” says Holger. Benjamin adds, “We have 300 people sitting here who just have a lot of knowledge when it comes to technology. We would like to marry that with the creation. We have opened up a great field of innovation here that we would like to interweave with traditional digital work. So not just software solutions, but taking what technology we have and using it profitably to turn it into awesome experiences for everyone.”

About Benjamin & Holger

Benjamin and Holger both come from creative backgrounds and have over 20 years of experience in creative agencies both in the DACH region and internationally. Well-known agencies such as Jung von Matt, BBDO, Grabarz & Partner, DDB and Red Bull are just a few of Holger’s professional stations, where he has worked as Creative Lead for well-known brands such as Mercedes-Benz, VW and McDonald’s. Before joining CAMAO TEC, Benjamin worked as a concept designer and creative director at Jung von Matt, Ogilvy, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi and TLGG, among others.

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