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25.08.2022 / Lesezeit: 4 Minuten

It is an observation that many companies have made in recent months – their own employees are increasingly quitting what should be a secure job. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 45 million people did so in 2021. There is now even a term of its own for this development on the labor market: The Great Resignation. A trend that, according to the Gallup Engagement Index published this year, could also arrive in Germany. Gallup researchers found that 23 percent of Germans would like to change their current employer within a year, and 14 percent are already looking for a new job. The reasons for this are complex. On the one hand, many have had time to reflect on their professional situation during the pandemic, and on the other hand, awareness of their own value and the associated opportunities on the labor market has increased significantly. For companies, this means one thing above all – they face the challenge of having to develop their work culture further in order to be and remain attractive to their employees. We at CAMAO TEC support you in this with our new unit HXM Transformation. Here we want to make an important contribution so that your employees feel comfortable in their working environment and can find their professional home. With appropriate onboarding, attractive benefits, leadership at eye level and much more.

“Because people and their experiences are at the center,” says new Unit Lead of HXM Transformation Lucas Senzel. Lucas has been part of CAMAO TEC since July 2022 and is unusual in many ways: fully tattooed from head to toe and prefers to wear sneakers and a T-shirt on the job. At the same time, Lucas is one of Germany’s most innovative minds in the field of transformation. For many years, he has been concerned with the question of how companies succeed in remaining attractive to their employees.

“Our entire world is undergoing change. We’ve been preaching this in the HR world for several years now – but no one would have thought that digital transformation would suddenly become a top priority overnight due to Corona. From my point of view, this has also done something to people and changed the labor market considerably. Hybrid work is here to stay. In many industries, home office was once a huge benefit and is now simply expected there, making it more and more the standard,” says Lucas.

“From our perspective, there was and is no more suitable candidate than Lucas to build our new HXM Transformation unit,” knows Michael Lang, Senior Vice President HXM Services, who brought Lucas to CAMAO TEC. He is also clear about the need for the new unit: “Change is the only constant in a functioning corporate and HR strategy today, especially in conjunction with technology.”

Lucas Senzel, Unit Lead HXM Transformation at CAMAO TEC

CAMAO TEC makes transformation an experience

Launched in July, Lucas and his unit say, “first and foremost, we want to develop our customers by listening to them and trying to get to the real pain points while understanding what they are proud of. To get there, it’s imperative that we engage with customers. This clearly includes understanding in which market environment they operate, what their messages are, what competition they have, how they appear on social media, what the company claim is, and, and, and. When we talk about experience, we have to offer it, and that can only be done by adopting a perspective and being enthusiastic. When it comes to a project, I consider the identification and implementation of quick wins to be essential, as this is how you immediately feel change and convey a sense of new beginnings on a long transformation journey . Establishing this mindset with the customer also drives me, especially to think things completely new sometimes.”

This is to be achieved through the use of CAMAO TEC’s three specialist areasConsulting, Agency and Technology. “It is important to derive the change strategically and back it up with arguments and market trends, because transformation only works if you involve people, make them stakeholders, ensure accepted change and inspire them through creativity. In addition, it will be increasingly important in the future to find precisely tailored technological solutions to reach and connect people all over the world and thus enable them to work together in the best possible way,” says Lucas, describing the path to successful transformation.

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