The best digital services combined – that is CAMAO TEC

We are CAMAO TEC and stand for Digital Experience Services. For you, this means the best of Consulting Services, Agency Services and Technology Services. No matter which industries, companies or business models – by combining these three areas, we offer you the all-round carefree package, the best 360-degree experience. This makes digitization fun!

Digital transformation is essential for the future

Digitization is advancing and with it the need for companies to address their digital transformation is growing. A well-thought-out digital strategy includes a shift to transformative business models such as digital sales channels. With the help of sophisticated innovations from the areas of consulting, agency and technology, we show you how to optimally prepare your company for the future. Take advantage of this opportunity and contact the digital experts at CAMAO TEC today!

What makes our digital services stand out?

The combination of digital agency, technical expertise and SAP consulting competence makes us special. With CAMAO TEC’s digital services, you can start digitization and a sustainable future!

Digital Consulting Services

Future-proof your company with our consulting services

You want to take the next step towards digital transformation with your company and don’t know how? We are here for you. The HR department in particular is struggling to digitize HR processes, identify, recruit and retain new employees, and continuously develop existing employees. As an SAP Sell Partner with Gold status, we provide holistic support for your HR processes.

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We advise you on the issues that are important to you:

  • Innovation, Technology
  • Emerging technologies such as IoT, data analytics as well as AI and AI
  • Strategies for improving the digital experience in the context of the customer journey
  • Processes and process redesign
  • Establishment of agile organizational structures and their introduction

Digital Agency Services

Digital marketing made easy with our agency services

Do you want to turn your customers into fans? Create a better user experience, inspire people for your company and reach your target group sustainably? We want that too. Whether it’s social media, a website, an online store or an app, our digital service offers everything you and your brand need. From the creation of the strategy to the creation and implementation, we are your partner at eye level. Our experts know the requirements and know exactly what is important to convey your brand message in a targeted manner. For more visibility, greater reach, a stronger brand image and relevance to your target audience.

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Our agency services include:

  • Digital customer touchpoints: From creation to conception to design for your website, online stores, customer service portals or apps.
  • Our experts develop a multi-channel and content strategy for your brand and ensure that it is implemented through proper content management.
  • Performance Marketing
  • Online campaigns and their evaluation with the important KPIs
  • Moving image: video shoots for the web, social media or television

Digital Technology Services

Our Technology Services for your company

Driving entrepreneurial growth and digitization at the same time. This challenge pushes many companies to their limits. How to proceed? What to do first? How is this to be accommodated in day-to-day operations? Not to worry, because this is where we come in. With our end-to-end solution, we advise you on digital strategy, digital architecture, technology marketing and also put them into practice.

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Our digital Technology Services offers:

  • The technical implementation of digital solutions
  • Software, system, as well as cloud integration within the scope of digital experience projects
  • Development and integration of digital platforms for marketing, communication and sales
  • Development of Connected Experience solutions
  • Strategic consulting on immersive technologies (AR and VR)
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) service
  • Consulting on server and software migration
  • IT on-call service: 24 hours a day one:n contact:in

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