Agile and strategic consulting
for your website

What belongs in a website concept?

In addition to the creation and development of the website, the aspects of strategy, design and technology are also important components. Only all components together result in the fully comprehensive concept for your company’s website.
Basically, it is these seven steps that make it a holistic concept:

  1. Define goals
  2. Consider buyer personas or target groups
  3. Develop page structure and visual rough concept
  4. Plan content strategy
  5. choose a suitable content management system (CMS) such as Typo3
  6. Create web design
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What does our professional website consulting look like?

Exactly three aspects are important to us when advising you about your website:

  1. Positive external effect: Despite several independent company pages, your website appears as if it were all of a piece.
  2. Increase efficiency: The Sitecore backend with intuitive modular system enables easy in-house content maintenance.
  3. Collaboration is key: we take your business strategy 1:1 and translate it to your new website.

The initial situation

Mainzer Stadtwerke had eight different company websites with different technologies and content management systems. An umbrella brand strategy was therefore difficult to implement. Previously, editors had to write content multiple times, duplicating their efforts. As a result, websites were not kept up to date enough. Employees became increasingly unmotivated and inefficient as a result of the problem. In the end, the user journey also suffered.

Case Study:
Website consulting with the Mainz public utility company

Mainzer Stadtwerke AG is a municipal company of the city of Mainz. It offers the surrounding communities and the population various services and products for local supply in the areas of energy, water and Internet supply, mobility and leisure pools.

The customer request

The client wanted a new web presence that would reflect the future umbrella brand strategy. For the user there should be a simple and clear design, which allows access to all service areas of the public utility. In this way, the Mainz municipal utilities want to create more proximity to the citizens. In addition, the maintenance of the content should be made easier and a better search engine ranking should be achieved.

The website project in detail – with our solutions

Step 1:

Strategy meeting to jointly agree on the concept for the website.

Step 2:

Minimum Viable Products of the individual business units were only defined in the course of the project. We started with five areas, which over time were enriched with content by the customer and built up independently. The challenge for us was that we had to convince ten decision-makers of the concept. Our agile project management provided the client with flexible changes and enhancements.

Step 3:

With a new Sitecore web presence, all sub-brands have been unified, making content maintenance much more efficient and significantly improving the user experience.

Step 4:

UX testing with click dummies.

Step 5:

Easy maintenance in the SXA editor through ready-made module construction kit and drag & drop.

Step 6:

The customer is able to build pages by himself.

The CAMAOs did a great job of executing our umbrella brand strategy on the new websites. At last, the user can see the cohesion of the Mainzer Stadtwerke group of companies and has a better overview of the variety of products and services from the subsidiaries and associated companies.

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