SAP HXM Consulting House:
Consulting & Development
from one source

We are one of the top SAP HXM consulting firms in Germany

The combination of digital agency, technical expertise and SAP HXM consulting competence is what makes CAMAO TEC special. This enables us to offer our customers a holistic digital service at all times. What this means for us? Quite simply: to develop a custom-fit solution for you and your company. With our portfolio, CAMAO TEC provides you with strategy, software and support from a single source. We would be happy to provide you with holistic support for your HR processes. As a top SAP HXM consulting company in Germany, we are your right contact at any time, even after the project. Trust in our holistic SAP consulting now!

Why do you need an SAP HXM consulting company?

Our SAP HXM consulting house brings all the experts together. In total, our employees combine over 500 years of consulting and implementation experience. All in all, we gather our extensive know-how from about 15 SAP consulting firms and speak nine different languages. No matter which services you need to manage your business processes, we offer you customized SAP consulting and development for SAP’s HXM solutions: SAP SuccessFactors, SAP H4S4 and SAP ERP HCM.

What do our SAP consultants do?

Our portfolio includes SAP consulting and SAP development. SAP-HR (Human Resources) is our hobbyhorse. With us, you benefit right from the start: Our four SAP HR units work hand-in-hand as a team to move your project forward. You get a 360-degree solution for which our SAP consultants look at your problem from all sides at every stage.
Because we stand for a better interaction between people, brands and machines, we offer you a holistic digital experience service.

SAP Gold Partner

Become an SAP Gold Partner in just nine months. We are incredibly proud of our team!
Whether Employer Branding, Software Development UX / UI or Scrum-Master in Project Management – at CAMAO TEC you benefit from an all-embracing service!

Your 360° SAP HXM solutions at a glance

HXM Digitization

HXM Transformation

SAP® Consulting?

No one needs it. Digitization of HR processes? Will not catch on! Don’t be a Paule! Profit from our services. More about Paule and his adventures in the link.

More about Paule

This is how we start with our SAP service

The first thing we do is start doing user-based studies and deployment studies. We ask ourselves the following questions before starting the SAP project:

After this process, we estimate what is feasible and calculate the time frame and costs for your SAP project. We also determine the possible functional coverage and prototyping approach. In this way, we provide significant support for your business case.

Integrating IT strategy and SAP system

The big challenge for enterprises and IT service providers is to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). But how does this work most effectively? The best solution is standardization and consolidation. We support you in assessing these aspects – both in the integration between SAP HCM components and HXM components. We also assist you with the integration of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors in a heterogeneous system landscape.

Design and implement

Together we develop an overall concept, implement and integrate your SAP human resources products. In our blueprints, we take both business and technical aspects into account. A successful implementation project includes configuration, customizing of the SAP software and direct communication with decision-makers, HR departments and works councils: This way, your software fits your company exactly.

Application Management

Analyze, evaluate, implement and optimize: We are the strategic partner of your IT and HR department and proactively support all your SAP HXM applications. We also take care of your specific requirements, troubleshoot and always bring in the latest technologies. This applies to the operational application business as well as to the holistic strategic focus. Your SAP consultant always keeps you up to date.

Your SAP HXM consulting company: comprehensive consulting from a single source

We accompany you on your way to digital transformation: Because we have a solution for all problems!

“The combination of digital agency, technical expertise and SAP consulting competence is very rare at the moment, and perhaps unheard of anywhere else in Germany. That’s why we see a huge opportunity here for us – and thus also for our customers.”

Michael Lang, Division Lead