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Innovative remote solutions: simple, secure, digital

Did you know that the majority of support tasks for desktop PCs, servers or mobile devices can be resolved in your company without having to be physically on site? Using cloud platforms such as TeamViewer or AnyDesk, you can access the devices in your company anytime and anywhere – easily, securely and with any operating system! We integrate innovative remote solutions into your business processes. Get to know the digital experts at CAMAO TEC now. We shape the digital future of your company together!

Immersive technologies for your business

In addition to the classic remote desktop software that you may even already be using in your company, remote solutions are often more than that: they are usually the foundation on which other components are built, such as immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). VR technologies map reality completely virtually, while AR technologies enrich reality with virtual information. For example, interactive 3D projections can be displayed with the help of a Natural User Interface.

We offer you products, solutions and services along the entire value chain that merge the virtual world and reality:

Our service areas:

The top 3 benefits of our remote solutions

Efficiency increase

Zeit und Kosten sind nachhaltig gesenkt

Level Up

Der Servicegrad ist signifikant erhöht


Innovative, immersive Technologie im Unternehmen mit AR eingeführt

Case Study: “Immersive Energy” for Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is driving forward the digital transformation. With innovative technologies and a constant focus on customers, more than 91,000 dedicated employees at Siemens Energy are shaping the energy world of the future – towards sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems.

The challenge: on-site maintenance

Widespread voyage restrictions in the Corona pandemic made maintenance impossible for equipment and machinery on ships stationed around the world. But the technical team needed support to properly instruct its employees for on-site maintenance – and in different time zones, too.

The solution: our remote support

Thanks to one of our individualized remote assistance solutions, Siemens Energy experts now had the opportunity to guide technicians on the ships remotely. Via AR data glasses on site, the machines were maintained and repaired independently via remote access.

Immersive technologies in use

The marine technician on site logs in on the HoloLens 2 using a PIN or iris scan and opens the web portal. After he reports the problem there, he schedules a meeting with the Siemens Energy specialist; an immediate call is also possible. In the web portal provides additional training videos and operating instructions, if a short-term call is difficult due to time difference. As a further development step, a connection of the web portal to the Siemens ticketing system is planned. In addition, virtual guides are to be implemented.

Our support for Siemens Energy:

We advise Siemens Energy on the possibilities of using immersive technologies, recommend suitable software and hardware solutions and structure the projects. In addition, we have undertaken the following tasks:

We are responsible for the entire device and software management. These include:

What is a remote solution?

Remote solutions allow remote access of a local PC to other devices. How does that work? Via a worldwide router network: an administrator selects the desired remote connection on his PC, specifies the name of the device to connect to, and thus gains control over a desktop or server. Even if the actual device is miles away. There are numerous possible uses for such platforms:

Let’s start digitization together!

What sets us apart: The combination of digital agency, technical expertise and sound consulting competence. As a digital transformation company, CAMAO TEC paves your way to digitalization and a sustainable future. Our experts are always on hand to advise you and show you which strategies will help you achieve maximum success in your company. Contact our digital experts now!

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