Digital sales strategy: We bring your online store to the front!

Where once the product catalog was the be-all and end-all for marketing and sales in B2B, now it’s time to optimize your company’s online presence. Because nowadays hardly anyone flips through hundreds of pages of paper. With a digital sales strategy, we work together to bring your website up to date. This includes implementing different languages and integrating an intelligent as well as user-friendly product finder in the online store. So nothing stands in the way of your digital sales in B2B. Contact our digital experts now!

What is digital sales in B2B?

Modern businesses use the latest digital technologies to increase interaction with their B2B customers. Digital sales also empowers companies to make processes more agile , target relevant new customers, and thus generate successful leads. Digitization is also happening in sales.

How is digitalization changing B2B sales?

Digitalization is leading to significant changes. Especially in B2B sales, the digital transformation offers huge opportunities for companies to set themselves apart from the competition. Companies have the opportunity to attract more customers at lower cost through a customized digital customer journey. According to a study, the following points have also changed in sales and sales processes:

Therefore, we recommend: Act now and start your digital transformation in sales. Secure your competitive position!

What are the digital sales channels?

Sales channels used in B2B sales in the digital age are:

Together we work out the most relevant sales channels for you in your B2B business.

Case Study: Blickle – a typical hidden champion

Blickle Räder & Rollen is a worldwide leading family-owned company in the wheels and castors market. The company has a full-blown assortment and sales concept, which should also be supported by the website. Although they have a strong brand and top products, they have an outdated web presence with no store functionality: hence no online sales. In addition, Blickle would like to change the service provider of her website.

What Blickle wants from a digital sales strategy:

This is how we implemented the digitization of sales

This is what digital sales in B2B enables you to do

Customer loyalty

Eine detaillierte Online-Produktsuche sorgt für die beste User-Experience. So wird Kundenbindung ein Kinderspiel.

Sales increase

Mit digitalen Vertriebskanälen sorgen Sie für Zusatz-Umsatz und verbessern Ihre Marktposition.


Onlinevertrieb ist Zukunftssicherheit: Ausbaufähige, stabile Shop-Lösung mit mächtigem Content-Management-System bringen Sie in der Digitalisierung weit voran.

Work with us to create a digital sales strategy that’s just right for you!

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