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Especially for large companies and enterprises, the domain portfolio grows strongly over time. Various domain terms and endings are piling up. It is easy to lose track of everything. And then it’s too late: trademarked domains are already claimed by third parties. But don’t worry – for this problem there is us: CAMAO TEC! We manage your domain, create order and work out a suitable strategy for your future domain management.

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What are the difficulties in domain management?

Strategy and management of your domain: We have the solution!

We work with you to coordinate a domain portfolio that focuses on your business goals. This gives you the opportunity to maintain the web portal independently and clearly. In addition, branded domains are recovered and incorporated through our domain recovery process.

Our Case Study: How to get started with domain management

The initial situation

Our customer has many corporate domains from different providers. It’s easy to lose track of everything. Other difficulties we have encountered:

The wishes of the customer

This is how we started

  1. First, our domain experts analyzed our customer’s domain inventory.
  2. We then developed a domain strategy with a domain exposé and matrix as well as a domain policy.
  3. Together with the customer, we designed a suitable domain portfolio with processes and authorizations.
  4. Finally, we implemented the strategy of domain through consolidation. We also re-registered domains and reclaimed some.
  5. We transferred old domains from different providers to our CAMAO portal Regxecute. Here all domains are consolidated and already renewal date and invoice date are unified.
  6. The next step: the new fulfillment registration of strategically important domains according to defined domain guidelines and individual policies.
  7. Last but not least, the retrieval of third-party-registered domains took place through covert purchases and consensual or legally protected domain takeovers.

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Efficiency increased

Mit einem kostenoptimierten und auf Kundenbedarf zugeschnittenen Domainportfolio

Comfort increased

Alle Domains aus einer Hand mit persönlichem Support ohne Kompromisse.

Competence made visible

Durch rechtssichere und professionelle Rückholung markenbehafteter Domains.

Manage domain, made easy

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