TECH upgrade for your business – ready to install.

Technology Services: strategic, creative and strong in implementation

We combine Consulting, Agency and Technology Services. Always at the cutting edge of technology, we offer individual 360-degree solutions for each of your concerns with our Digital Experience Services – and do so in a strategically sound, creative and implementation-oriented manner. Get to know our company better now and rely on professional technology solutions!

What are Technology Services?

Technology Services generally refers to all professional services that make it easier for companies and end users to use certain technologies. With the help of various technology-oriented solutions, the processes and functions of software, hardware, networks, telecommunications and electronics are combined.

The Technology Services of CAMAO TEC

With us, there’s a TECH upgrade for your business. The rule here is: Always stay innovative. Whether platform, cloud or domain – we guarantee the right service with the necessary passion for development. Whether Microsoft, SPA-Frontend, PHP or Native Apps –the more than 190 developers of CAMAO TEC will take care of your individual request!

Our Technology Services at a glance:

An insight into CAMAO TEC’s technology solutions

We accompany your website relaunch

Be it to stand out from the competition, to the Implementation of new requirements or to the simple Modernization of your website – we support you with your Website relaunch! For this purpose we develop the necessary basic modules as well as special extensions and, depending on your needs, also implement a holistic tracking concept including design and technical ideas for the implementation of your individual requirements.

We develop your sales app

To make the specifics of your business model as well as the customizability more tangible for the customer, we also develop cross-media platforms such as practical sales apps.

SE, AR, VR: Immersive technologies

Whether it’s integrated image recognition software that scans the content in print products and brings it to life digitally, virtual reality projects , or augmented reality avatars that digitally guide people around the world through your company – immersive technologies can help you connect the offline and online worlds more closely.

CAMAO TEC – Together for the best result

CAMAO TEC’s more than 300 experts are always at your side as partners at eye level. With our services, we combine the advantages of management consultancies, creative agencies and technology providers. In doing so, we pursue each project with our mission in mind:

For a better interaction of people, brands and machines.

You want to know more about us?

“It was worth the wait. Because it turned out really well.”

Martin Bendel, Finance Mayor of the City of Ulm

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