Social media April Fool’s joke becomes reality

CAMAO TEC celebrates 5 years of Marian! It all started with a little bird that told Marian about CAMAO TEC: He got curious and felt like taking the new challenge as Art Director at our Digital Agency Services. Today, 5 years later, Marian is the Brand Designer in the Brand & Communication department. His biggest highlight? A social media April Fool’s that then became reality. Find out more in the interview.

How did you come to CAMAO TEC?

Through vitamin B! A former colleague from my former employer told me about this new, modern and cool company. That’s when I got really curious and felt like taking on the challenge. I then applied and was hired as an art director at our Digital Agency Services.

What has changed in the last 5 years – both foryou and at CAMAO TEC?

The most drastic change in recent years has probably been Corona. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. After about 8 years of work routine, so really being in the office every day and seeing colleagues, suddenly turning everything upside down. And, of course, this has affected not only working life, but also family life. So it was also at home between several team calls: Homeschooling. Colleagues were met only sporadically (and with a lot of distance) or a team appointment was set for them. That’s a change you have to get used to. CAMAO TEC has reacted to this situation more than well, in my opinion, and simply abolished compulsory attendance. So that means we have the option to work from home independently of Corona – and also the choice to decide when to do so. This gives us maximum flexibility and also freedom.

What else has changed or changed with me? After almost 5 years in Digital Agency Services, I took the next step in my professional life and moved to the Brand & Communication department. This has changed my field of activity in that I no longer look after our customers’ brands, but rather the CAMAO TEC brand itself. For me as a brand-loving person, this is a perfectly logical decision. Of course, it’s also a new challenge, because it’s a new area than the one I’ve been working in so far – but that’s exactly what makes it so exciting.

You are CAMAO TEC’s Brand Designer. What is your job like?

In my job as a brand designer, I am responsible for the visual design of the CAMAO TEC brand. This starts with social media postings, continues with employee pictures and ends with the design of our code of conduct – in other words, a very broad and diverse area in which I can develop.

What is your professional highlight at CAMAO TEC so far?

There have been quite a few in the long time: winning pitches, exciting video and photo productions and viral social postings. Which one is the number 1 highlight for me? Definitely our Hyundai social media post: For April 1, we had created a photo retouch of a fictitious car model as an April Fool’s joke for Hyundai Germany with an insane result. So not only was the community in Germany hyped, the posting also made waves all the way to literally the other end of the world, Australia to be exact. And it got even better: Hyundai Australia actually reproduced this fictitious model based on this retouching and produced a video of it. What probably excited me most about it is that a fictional or digital project has been translated into the analog world – and on the other side of the world.

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