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OMR 2023 – The Highlights

We have summarized the most important findings from two days of OMR for you briefly and compactly.

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From 0 to 230,000 followers

Yules from Stuttgart has achieved what many young people dream of - Yules is a full-time content creator. We talked to her.

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We have won the Employer Branding Awards!

Read here how we prevailed against the international competition.

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Does ChatGPT make editors and copywriters superfluous?

We asked ourselves this question. So we put artificial intelligence to a practical test. You can find the result here.

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On the path to creative excellence

The motto “customer is king” is currently experiencing a revival under the concept of “customer centricity“. Here, the customer is the focus of the digital marketing strategy instead of the product. This means that digital marketing measures are geared to the needs, expectationsand wishes of customers. For companies, this represents a great opportunity, because if you understand the customer journey of your clientele, you know what they want and can…

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What makes a good leader?

There are things you can do to become a better leader. Conversely, every employee can also do something to improve the relationship between the lead and themselves.