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On the path to creative excellence

The motto “customer is king” is currently experiencing a revival under the concept of “customer centricity“. Here, the customer is the focus of the digital marketing strategy instead of the product. This means that digital marketing measures are geared to the needs, expectationsand wishes of customers. For companies, this represents a great opportunity, because if you understand the customer journey of your clientele, you know what they want and can…

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What makes a good leader?

There are things you can do to become a better leader. Conversely, every employee can also do something to improve the relationship between the lead and themselves.

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Würth turns up the heat: Recap clip for the Würth Open Air Festival

Finally: After a long break from Corona, Würth lets it rip with the Würth Open Air Festival known from past years. We were there up close and personal. Our mission: to capture the best moments and produce an unforgettable recap clip from them.

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