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What makes a good leader?

There are things you can do to become a better leader. Conversely, every employee can also do something to improve the relationship between the lead and themselves.

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From the life of a CAMAO TEC trainee

Learning by playing is the best way to learn: That’s why the Game of Life game accompanied our trainees during our Coding Week 2021. Game of Life? You might be thinking of a TV series. Wrong thinking!The game is a hit among CAMAOs and works roughly like this:No one survives alone, overpopulated just as little. Those who act cleverly get ahead. The program also included working in teams, getting to…

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10 years CAMAO TEC 5 questions to Claudi

How did you end up at CAMAO TEC? According to rumors, a bathroom is to blame …Yes, that’s right, the rumors are true. Once upon a time, long ago, the bathroom, the handyman and I…The craftsman is my brother, by the way. Meanwhile, more than 10 years ago, he renovated a bathroom as part of a customer order. After some time, the conversation with the client on site went something…

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Come do MINT 7 questions for Marie

Women are often hesitant to enter STEM professions. Marie made it easy. She has been with us as a backend developer for almost half a year and strengthens the proportion of women in the team. Why this is super cool? Because Marie shows us that you just can’t let yourself get carried away. When she’s not figuring out codes for CAMAO, she plays the violin, rides horses, or plays strategy…

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Come do MINT 7 questions for Anna

At the age of 11, CAMAO developer Anna sat in her living room in front of the W-LAN router and had only one goal: to set up the Internet. At that time, no one in the family had anything to do with technology. With the user manual in one hand and the phone in the other, a nice Telekom employee was soon on the line to perform the miracle. The…

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Come do MINT 5 questions for Jenny

What do dancing and programming have in common? Those who think they can skip an important step will stumble sooner or later. We don’t know what Jenny would have done to deserve such a mediocre joke as a lead-in to this article, but here goes. Jenny has been with us as a developer for almost a year, and today we ask her five questions about her experiences as a woman…