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HR Transformation: Experience Report on the Journey to Change

CAMAO TEC's HXM Community Event brought together visitors and experts from the HR world to find out how companies can adapt to the changing world of work.

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People as the powerhouse of innovation

Read here why people are the most important success factor for companies in an interview with Dr. Christian Kugelmeier.

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Employer Branding – creating something special with genuine enthusiasm!

According to the latest Working Time Report, more than one in two employees in Germany would like to work less in the future. Read here how to remain attractive as an employer right now.

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With CAMAO TEC and SAP® against the demographic kebab

The demographic kebab does not bode well for German companies. Read the article to find out what changes this will bring about and how you can work together with CAMAO TEC and SAP® to counteract them.

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Driving digitization forward in your own company – this is how it works

Digitization in German companies is not in good shape, according to a recent Bitkom survey. You can read all the info here in the article.

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Real gamechangers: Our experts for change

Around 23 percent of Germans want to change employers next year. How companies stay attractive to their employees, you can read here in the blog article.