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Lights out, spotlight on, stage free – CAMAO TEC at the COPETRI Convention

Do you know the exciting feeling just before a performance or presentation? The adrenaline shoots through the body, the pulse rises immeasurably and you feel like on a roller coaster – close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and let’s go! This is how CAMAO TEC felt at the COPETRI Convention in Frankfurt/Offenbach. For us, it was not just any trade show appearance: It was the first…

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CAMAO TEC x OMR – new learnings or old hat?

70,000 visitors, on stage speakers like Quentin Tarantino, Will I.AM. or Karo Kauer and live acts like Marteria, Kraftclub and Sido – and CAMAO TEC right in the middle. These were our OMR Days in a Nutshell. But let’s dive into it. For a few of our colleagues from the Agency Division and the Brand & Communication Unit, it was from the 17. – May 18 to Hamburg at THE…

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