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We get the TOP 100 seal for innovation!

What makes an innovative company? Probably to move forward with courage, to tackle new things with full enthusiasm and joy and not to shy away from ideas that dance out of line – at least that is how we answer this question at CAMAO TEC. Admittedly, we are still at the beginning of this process, but we have already had our first sense of achievement: we have won the TOP…

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5 years CAMAO TEC – 5 questions to Emre

How did you come to CAMAO TEC?I would say: Because of love – and specifically because of the love of technology. Marcel Appolt, one of the then and now managing directors of CAMAO TEC, showed me the HoloLens 1, which was not available in Germany at the time. Marcel said that I can travel to Rome today and puts the HoloLens directly on my head. For me, it was the…

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In Outdoor Navigation with Augmented Reality and Spatial Anchor

Update: We won a Bronze Award of the Deutscher Digital Award for this project. During my studies, it was often difficult to find the right rooms on campus. Be it still fresh in the first semester, because I was hopelessly lost or also during the main study, when lectures for example were moved at short notice from room “304” to room “520”. Logically, everyone would now become the 5th floor…

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Together for tomorrow Digital expertise for small businesses in Heilbronn

Sit on your butt and hope for the best or roll up your sleeves and make the best of it? The Heilbronn initiative “Together for Tomorrow” focuses on the latter. Launched by Campus Founders, the city of Heilbronn and the Heilbronner Stimme newspaper, it helped small businesses in the Heilbronn area that have been hit particularly hard by the current situation. The concept in brief: Creative and digital experts from…