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Sitecore Send: Contact import rejected

"Import Rejected" - do you know this error in Sitecore Send? Our Sitecore expert and MVP Dirk Schäfauer shows you how to solve the problem.

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Should you change from Sitecore XP to Sitecore XM Cloud?

Should you change from Sitecore XP to XM Cloud? Our expert Andreas Kölle created this small decisioning guide for you.

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CAMAO TEC on Sitecore Tour 

Our two Sitecore experts Dirk Schäfauer and Andreas Kölle went on a Sitecore tour around the world.

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SUGCON 2022 – Sightseeing in Budapest

SUGCON 2022 is sadly done but hey, this amazing event will always stay in peoples heart and mind. ???? After two years it was the first in-person SUGCON and I had the honor to be there as a speaker, to present my topic: “Sitecore Forms Unleashed – Accessibility in Forms”. I had a bit trouble to get there, my flight was cancelled but I suddenly jumped into the car and…

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OOPS, he did it again!

CAMAO TEC Sitecore architect Dirk has gone one better: He has also been named one of Sitecore’s Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) in Technology for 2022 – the second year in a row. For Dirk, that’s more than a prize. After all, he not only invests his working hours in this personal award, but also a large part of his free time: Sitecore Community, Sitecore Stackexchange, Sitecore Slack – to use…

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Sitecore JavaScript Services – custom image srcSet

This post will become a short one but I’m pretty sure it’s very helpful! By default JSS supports srcSets on an image, the srcSet is passed like this: Pretty straight forward. With the srcset-attribute you can define the image size for every viewport you want to support. You may notice that it’s always the same image source which is just rendered in different sizes. In a real life scenario it…