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Does ChatGPT make editors and copywriters superfluous?

We asked ourselves this question. So we put artificial intelligence to a practical test. You can find the result here.

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Social media April Fool’s joke becomes reality

CAMAO TEC celebrates 5 years of Marian! His biggest highlight? A social media April Fool's joke that then became reality. Read more in the interview.

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Würth turns up the heat: Recap clip for the Würth Open Air Festival

Finally: After a long break from Corona, Würth lets it rip with the Würth Open Air Festival known from past years. We were there up close and personal. Our mission: to capture the best moments and produce an unforgettable recap clip from them.

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Sophia Thiel before and today: From 1.3 million to zero with just one click

She is and was a digital pioneer: Sophia Thiel. She told us in an interview why her own failure is extremely important to the fitness influencer.

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Online marketing campaign for Würth

What ultimate tool is still missing for the trade? Würth, the world market leader for fastening and assembly technology, asked itself this question and developed the online solution towio. For the product launch of the “Software for Craftsmen” we were responsible for the development of an online marketing strategy including campaign concept and control of the social media ads. Find out what challenges we were confronted with and how we…

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5 years CAMAO TEC – 5 questions to Alina

How did you come to CAMAO TEC? In fact, I came to CAMAO TEC in a very traditional way – by applying for a job after graduation. I had an answer within half a day and was allowed to come in for an interview a short time later. At the time, Digital Agency Services was just being set up at the Heilbronn site, which was perhaps also a bit of…