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How does an artificial intelligence actually learn?

Our AI engineer Manuel Hoffmann outlines how to make an AI more powerful in simple steps.

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From software career changer to professional software developer

We celebrate 10 years of Tilo! Today's Head of Portals, IoT, XR & Apps has seen a lot. In this interview, he talks about his highlights & trends for the future.

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Program ant colonies?!

Once a year, our trainees get together for Coding Weeks. This time it was about an old classic.

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SOLID Principles easily explained

The SOLID Principles form an important foundation for Clean Code. We will easily explain what this is all about.

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It has been two long years since we last met our customers and partners in person. It’s time to change that! That’s the reason why we are for you at the COPETRI Conventionthe first event for people, transformation and innovation – how could we miss it? When: 31-05-01-06-2022Where: Frankfurt/OffenbachStand: number 52 Two days of sharing, networking, learning and shaping the future together There is a lot to experience at our…

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CAMAO TEC is SAP Sell Partner with Gold Status

Time to Sell-ebrate, because we’ve made it to the next SAP® level! CAMAO TEC is now also *attention, drum roll* Sell Partner for the cloud-based software SAP® SuccessFactors with Gold status! For you, this means that you can now obtain your licenses and subscriptions for SAP® SuccessFactors from us. This is another important step for us, as this partnership enables us to act even faster and more independently. At the…