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What makes a good leader?

There are things you can do to become a better leader. Conversely, every employee can also do something to improve the relationship between the lead and themselves.

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All-in-one IT solution with us as your Managed Service Provider

Does this sound familiar to you? You have outsourced your IT to various IT service providers because you lack the capacities and expertise in this area. However, you now face the major problem of employing too many service providers – keeping track of them all and coordinating them has become a mammoth task. So what to do? This is precisely the problem we have addressed and developed a solution for…

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Kubernetes with our Cloud Engineers

Imagine you are in the supermarket: you go through the shelves, put the products in the shopping cart and then stand in line at the only open checkout and wait. In real life, that’s perfectly fine. Unthinkable for an online store! If 20 people were to access the online store at the same time and there were disruptions as a result, that would be quite annoying. In real life, you…

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