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Let’s talk about CSS animations

CSS animations help round out and specifically enhance the overall look of your website. You can find out what is important here.

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Like a Rolling Store Enterprise Website including Shop System with Sitecore SXA

Blickle is a typical hidden champion from the Ländle region: a global leader in the B2B segment, Blickle wheels and castors keep the economy moving in all industries. So where is the interface between Blickle and CAMAO? As an internationally active company, the website and online store are a central element of Blickle’s sales strategy. Especially now – without large trade shows and classic sales processes in the B2B segment…

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The ULMtimative Sitecore Experience Award for CAMAO TEC

This year, our website for the city of Ulm was the only German solution to win one of the coveted Sitecore Experience Awards (SEA). The SEA are awarded annually in four changing categories and honor exceptional, particularly customer-centric, digital platforms based on Sitecore. We won an award in the category “Most sophisticated implementation”. But isn’t every major website “sophisticated”? Yes, but let’s give you a brief overview of the project:…