We are now also SAP® Build Partner!

The SAP® Service Gold Partnership was our first strike, the second follows immediately – we are now also SAP® Build Partner! Less than a year later, after becoming an SAP® Gold Partner, we have now also made it into the SAP® Open Ecosystem – Build program.

What this means?

/ We were able to inspire SAP® SE with our internally developed solutions for SAP® products.
/ Now we have the opportunity to have our solutions, which we have developed internally, certified by SAP®.
/ What this means for you: Soon you will find our products that are based on SAP® in the SAP® Appstore.

This can be explained most easily using the example of our “BeatChart” solution: BeatChart is our specially developed agile organizational structure.

See more in the video!

This is built on SAP® SuccessFactors, which means it can be easily integrated into your existing SAP® SuccessFactors solution. In the past, only CAMAO TEC could use BeatChart. Now, with the SAP® Build partnership, it is also available for you in the SAP® Appstore. For us, this is more than just another partnership, because we have taken the next giant step in the direction of HXM and we, especially our SAP team, are mighty proud of that. But there’s something big coming, more on that soon.