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We have won the Employer Branding Awards!

16.03.2023 / Lesezeit: 2 Minuten

What the Oscars were for Hollywood, the Employer Branding Awards in Vienna were for the HR world. International companies from all industries were honored at the awards ceremony, including CAMAO TEC in the “Employer Branding Team of the Year” category.

“It’s hard to believe that we actually managed to do this,” says Lucas Senzel, delighted with the award at Vienna’s Parkhotel Schönbrunn. He heads our HXM Transformation department and in this function mainly advises companies on how to finding new employees and retaining the existing ones, which is This is an increasingly challenging task in times of a general shortage of employees. CAMAO TEC is broadly positioned for these topics, with just under 70 employees taking care of the Development and consulting in the field of human experience management, led by Michael Lang: “We live the topic of Employer branding at CAMAO TEC every day and want to offer our TECis an authentic and exciting working environment on a permanent basis. Because in our eyes, only the right experience can create long-term loyalty among employees.

What does employer branding mean at CAMAO TEC?

You can see this in our promotional clip of the same name, which took center stage at the awards ceremony:

“Here, using our own example, we tried to humorously illustrate what the topic of employer branding often entails – and how it can be embodied authentically, honestly and with a twinkle in your eye,” Lucas Senzel continues. With this award, we at CAMAO TEC would like to set a good example for our customers. “Many companies already have promising approaches for employee recruitment and retention, but often lack specific measures that really reach the target groups. We want to help them create a sustainable experience and exemplify employer branding with real enthusiasm,” says Lucas Senzel, describing his daily mission in HR project consulting.

Procedure of the awarding process

For the award ceremony, which will take place during the two-day event #TA23 – TalentAttract Based on a quick check by the jury members, a shortlist of entries that are serious contenders for the award was drawn up from all the submissions. Evaluation criteria include concept and strategy, innovation, and activation and emotionalization of the target groups.

Do you want to use employer branding to attract the right candidates and applicants and inspire them for your company?

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